Protecting the SIRIN LABS Crowdsale Smart Contract Address

To better protect SRN token buyers and avoid fake addresses and phishing attempts we have registered our smart contract and SRN token on Etherscan and MyEtherWallet.

Contributors are able to verify the authenticity of the SIRIN LABS smart contract address on prior to sending their transaction.

The “Send Ether & Tokens” page on MyEtherWallet will show a message on the bottom of the page when it identifies SIRIN LABS’ crowdsale address in the ‘To Address’ field.

Verification that the correct SIRIN LABS address was input in the ‘To Address’ field

SIRIN LABS would like to emphasis the following to the community:

1. The smart contract address will be published only on our website Please be aware that there are scammers trying to publish fake websites with similar URLs on Telegram, social media and even google adds, we have already taken down a few of them.

2. No one from the SIRIN LABS team will send the smart contract address in a direct message or email.

3. Do not trust any individual sending an address directly, even if he is using a familiar name.

4. Contributors are strongly advised not to access websites via links, but instead by directly typing the address into the URL bar or by bookmarking the original website.

5. Please do not contribute your ETH from an exchange wallet, only from an ERC-20 compatible wallet.

6. SIRIN LABS has developed a tutorial video which explains how to contribute to the crowdsale safely and efficiently.

Let’s ensure that the crowdsale continues with the same excellent level of security!

The SIRIN LABS team.