SIRIN LABS Crowdsale Security

SIRIN LABS is bridging the gap between the mass market and the Blockchain economy by providing users a secure and reliable experience on the Blockchain.

We are committed to the upmost security for our token sale.
 Smart contract

The SIRIN LABS crowdsale and token smart contract is written in Solidity and tested using Truffle and testrpc. The contract is based on Open Zeppelin smart contracts v1.3.0 and implements Bancor SmartToken interface.

The contract was audited by several Ethereum blockchain experts:

Each auditor independently determined that the final version of the smart contract is secure and found no issues with regards to functionality.

Above and beyond the tests performed by our in-house QA team, we have run over 500 internal diagnostic tests that cover 100% of the functionality and have encountered no issues.

A snippet from our build server test results

Protecting Funds

SIRIN LABS’ crowdsale is supervised by top external security experts Gil Dolev and Leonid Beder who have vast experience with token sales and have defined the security protocols for the crowdsale. For example, all employees are required to utilize 2FA authentication on all internal accounts.

Sirin Labs will secure all ETH funds and SRN tokens in a Gnosis multisig wallet which requires multiple signatures to access. Every signature-approved employee is utilizing a secure hardware wallet.

Protecting Crowdsale Smart Contract Address

The address will be published only on our website No one from SIRIN LABS will send the address in direct messages or emails. DO NOT trust any individual sending an address directly.

Contributors are strongly advised not to get to these websites via links, but instead by directly typing the address into your URL bar or by bookmarking the original website.

Protecting against Phishing and scam attacks
 We have partnered with Segasec, a company that has extensive expertise in protecting token sales from phishing attacks. Segasec monitor phishing attempts and take immediate measures when fake websites are published.

Segasec have successfully protected token sales websites from phishing attempts like: STOX, Selfkey, Privatix, tZero and more.

Segasec recommends that contributors use the following chrome extension to avoid suspected websites:

Protecting our systems

SIRIN LABS’ systems and websites are hosted on Amazon. Our servers are protected from DDOS attacks by CloudFlare and monitored by Pingdom.

SIRIN LABS destroyed the hardware used to generate the crowdsale and token wallets based on the advice given to us by our external cybersecurity advisors.

Written by Lior David

Software team lead at SIRIN LABS